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A portion of all sales will go to a charitable organization. Game On! Relentlessly Pursue Your Dreams! is also available on Amazon or can be ordered from your local bookstore. Available in Hard Cover, Soft Cover, Audio Book and E-book.  

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Book Description: 

What is the cost of quitting on your dream? Is the world missing something because you haven’t seen your dream come to pass … yet? What do you do when everyone is telling you to give up (including yourself) but deep down inside, you know it is what you were born to do? How many times have you tried and failed and wanted to give up? How many times have you tried to ignore that still small voice that urges you to keep trying, but it just won’t go away Game On! will encourage you to keep going against all odds.

You will discover how to:

  • Expose “valid reasons” as excuses not to move forward in pursuit of your dream
  • Set small attainable goals to help you reach your destination
  • Trust your gut in spite of opposition
  • Change your perspective
  • Overcome self-doubt

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Empowering and Entertaining

 I started this book on a flight home thinking I would read through a chapter or two and continue later on in the week. That plan went out the window right from the start, I sat on the edge of my seat, I laughed, I gasped, I got so entwined into the author's experiences, before I knew it the book was over before my flight was! The author's words truly pull you in and keep you there. She has a way of entertaining while telling her truth.  

I love the structure at the end of the book that allowed me to walk away, not only with words that uplifted and empowered me, but with an action plan and the support I need to stick to it.  

I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to push through and overcome anything in life! 

-Cindy Bee

Determination With Grit!

This is an amazing book of a life lived with determination. How do we become the best we can be? Through never losing site of a Dream/Goal. Nicole leads the reader on how to lean out of your comfort zone, take the steps to move closer to your goal, and the Excitement of Achieving Goals. You always hear, It is the Journey! Game On! takes you through the relentless journey of determination to achieve a Life Long Goal. This book is a Great Motivator!

-Kimberly Mormando 

Wow! Truly A Phenomenal Read!

I absolutely loved this book. Nicole Smith takes you on her journey of becoming a professional cheerleader and the many obstacles she had overcome to get there. She truly was relentless in pursuit of her dream, because instead of allowing any negativity, or rejection to make her stop, she did just the opposite. Rejection fanned her flame and made her work so much harder to accomplish her goals. The book was funny, honest, emotional, very inspiring and also very personable. I highly recommend to anyone in pursuit of their special dreams! 

- Noura Khoury


Inspiring story of never giving up on your dreams. Quick, easy read. I have some goals that I want to achieve and I know the plan at the end of the book will help me to achieve them as I was missing the structure to make it happen. Excited about what I can accomplish after reading this! 

- Amazon Customer

Don't Give Up!

 "This was a short and easy read. I loved the personal stories of perseverance and triumph. Nicole shows how anyone can achieve their dreams if they are just determined enough to keep trying even when the going gets rough and you feel like you just "don't make the team." 

- Nichole

Rah Rah, I Need This!

We all need encouragement and assistance in achieving our dreams. If only I had my own personal cheerleader. Oh! Now I do! This brilliant book about Nicole's journey in cheering is inspirational and heartwarming. She never let obstacles get in her way and nor will I. 

- L.E.

Motivating Easy Read and Funny!

Nicole has a natural way of writing and capturing your attention AND keeping it. I seriously did not want to stop reading!!! Not only is she funny but has a way with works to encourage you and put you in the right mindset for success. Since I am a visual person and need a road map for such abstract things, her GAME ON method is what most people are missing to turn those goals or dreams into a reality! 

- Marcela Saldana

Never give up, despite your path in life!

It’s amazing how much you don’t know about a person’s life until you read about it, like I did with Nicole’s. With all her persistency and want to pursue her dreams, it’s inspired me to continue doing more and getting out of my comfort zone. I loved the message of the book and would very much recommend it to anyone, especially because you should never give up. 

-Melissa Cancio


This book is so inspiring! It will surely get you off your couch and taking action towards whatever it is you have always wanted to accomplish. I love that this is about the journey and challenges of working towards your dreams and not just another endgame success story! 

- J

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Kimmy B from Hits 97.3 Interviews Nicole R. Smith at her book launch at Books and Books Cafe. See the full video below the photo gallery.      

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